Betting on Sports for the First Time

Betting on Sports for the First Time

Tips to Remember When  Betting on Sports for the First Time

Betting on Sports for the First Time

Over the course of the last four years, there has been a significant movement in how the general public views betting on sporting events. A stigma against gambling that had existed for decades in the mainstream culture of the United States quickly started to dissipate, which paved the way for the emergence of a legal sports betting industry that is today worth billions of dollars.

Now that gambling on sports is allowed in a number of jurisdictions, millions of people who are interested in sports will soon be looking for opportunities to place their first bets. Where can you even begin if you have no idea how the system functions? Continue reading to discover.

Make Some Small Bets First

Learning how to bet on sports in a way that results in a profit on a regular basis is a talent that can only be mastered with extensive practice over an extended period of time. Although some gamblers may be better able to pick up winning strategies than others, even the most adept sports bettors have to begin somewhere. You shouldn’t put too much of your betting budget on any one game until you’ve worked out how to win regularly. Until then, you shouldn’t risk too much of your money.

Find out how much money you have in your beginning bankroll before you make any wagers. Put this to the side for use just in your sports betting. Divide the total by one hundred, and use that number as the greatest amount of money you are willing to risk until you have mastered the game.

Selecting a Betting Site

Without a proper location to place bets, it is difficult to do so. Because there is such a wide variety of online sportsbooks, including BC.GAME, punters now have the opportunity to choose a site that meets their specific requirements for placing bets.

It is appropriate to compare sportsbooks to a married pair. It’s easy to be fooled by outward appearances. Keep an eye out for the concealed benefits that will keep you around. Investigate the level of credibility they have. The best sportsbooks will be able to pass any degree of scrutiny that is applied to them. Does your bank support its variety of payment choices, both for depositing and withdrawing money? How do their odds compare to those of other sites that provide the same thing? Are you able to place bets on the sports that you wish to on their list of available wagers?

Payment Incentive and Marketing Offers

You’ll quickly discover that all betting sites provide some registration incentive in an effort to bring in new players.

No one ever claimed life would be easy, and that saying holds true here: there is no such thing as a free lunch. There are always restrictions attached to bonuses. Please read all of them carefully before signing anything.

When and how do you have to make a rollover? The bonus amount must be wagered that many times before it can be cashed out.

Membership Rewards

Almost every company worth its salt will provide some kind of rewards program to attract and retain consumers. The truth is that many of these loyalty schemes have real value.

Examine the benefits provided by each venue. Find one that works for you.

Pay Attention to Your Finances

If you lose all your money on the first day, the fun is over. Treating sports betting like an investment is an ideal habit to get into. Set a limit on how much you’re willing to gamble before you start. Bettors should never risk more than 5% of their whole bankroll on any one stake.

Recognize That You Will Fall Short

Bets won by professionals, who are considered to be the most skilled gamblers in the world, average about 53 percent of the time. Wow, it seems like there have been a lot of obstacles to overcome along the way.

It is an inescapable fact that gamblers and the athletes on whom they bet will both have dry times in their careers. However, experienced gamblers know better than to risk good money on bad, and they avoid doing so whenever possible. Avoid the temptation to try to get back your losses. Just admit defeat and go on with the rest of your life. Keep moving forward with the approach.

American Roulette

American roulette: The complete guide for the player

American roulette is on the rise and makes lucky winners every day. But before realizing each of your winning opportunities, you need to know the rules of this variant of roulette. To accompany you in this quest, we have put together a complete guide to American Roulette. Rules, variants, strategies, and game tips are to be discovered in this guide.

What is American Roulette?

American roulette is a variant of the famous casino game of chance developed in the 18th century. Unlike other variants, American roulette consists of a cylindrical wheel with 36 numbers, a “zero” slot, and a “double zero” box.

The origins of American roulette can be traced back to the 19th century with a 28-number wheel, a “zero” box, a “double zero” slot, and a slot bearing the image of the American eagle.

Even today, this American variant of the original roulette is present in almost all of the best physical or online casinos. It can boast of its rather resounding popularity, which transcends borders and civilizations.

How to play American Roulette?

To take advantage of the many advantages of online or physical American roulette, you must master the aim, the rules, and the flow of the game.

The aim of the game

It is for the player to guess in advance the box of the wheel in which the ball will stop. At the start of the game, the croupier (game administrator) takes the bets before throwing the ball on the roulette wheel. You must therefore predict the correct square where the white resin ball will end its race and win the game.

The game’s rules

The rules are simple and understandable. The player chooses his box, then places a bet and pockets winnings if and only if his bet wins. These winnings depend on the value of the initial bet and the type of bet placed. It must be said that the betting limits are not the same for all game parts.

Also, note that the amounts (minimum and maximum) vary from one round to another. Before each round, a small sign informs you of the table limits. This small sign is present both in an online casino and in a physical casino.

The course of the game

The rounds of American roulette are organized and punctuated by a croupier. He is the main speaker of the game. In digital versions of American Roulette, the algorithm takes care of everything.

The flow of the game is as follows:

  1. Step 1: take a seat at the gaming table
  2. Step 2: Choose Betting Chips
  3. Step 3: Choose the box or boxes on which you want to bet
  4. Step 4: Place your bets on the chosen squares
  5. Step 5: starting the game and throwing the ball by the croupier
  6. Step 6: end of the ball’s journey and the croupier announces the winning box
  7. Step 7: The dealer collects the chips and gives them to the winner

American roulette: what are the possible bets?

One of the peculiarities of roulette is that it offers several types of bets. Each wager equals a specific return.

Type of bet Meaning of the bet Earnings probabilities
full number Placing a bet on a single box 35 times the initial bet 2.63%
Straddling (two numbers straddling) Placing a bet on two adjacent numbers/boxes 17 times the initial bet 5.26%
Full cross bet Placing a bet on three numbers on the same line 11 times the initial bet 7.89%
Bet on a square Placing a bet on a group of 4 numbers or in the middle of 4 boxes 8 times the initial bet 10.53%
Bet on the dozen Place a bet on one of three pairs of 12 numbers (1 to 12; 13 to 24; 25 to 36) 2 times the initial bet 31.58%
Bet on the column Placing a bet on an entire column of the playmat 2 times the initial bet 31.58%
Simple lucky bet Place a bet on even/odd, miss (boxes 1 to 18), color (black or red), or pass (boxes 19 to 36) 2 times the initial bet 47.37%

How to Win at American Roulette: Tips and Strategies

There is no game strategy that can make you win bets every time you play. But you must have in-depth knowledge of the rules of the game. Since you know enough, here are some tips to put into practice:

Define your game capital

Responsible gambling is a necessity when you go to the casino. You must therefore first define your investment budget and respect its margins. This allows you to place bets that you can sustain and win. Avoid the ones you can’t afford to lose.

Avoid betting on a single number/case

It is obvious that betting on a single box or number presents much more risk. Your chances of success are much slimmer (2.63%) and you understand why this type of bet is much more profitable with a ratio of 35 to 1.

Favor bets on columns or dozens

When you bet on a column or on one of the three dozen, your chances of winning are much more significant (31.58%). On the other hand, the ratio of gains of 2 against 1, that is to say, double your starting bet.

Bet on the first 5 squares

Bets on single numbers/boxes are certainly profitable, but you have to know how to take advantage of your bet. That’s why it would be best to bet on these first five numbers, including 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. You’ll walk away with a 6-to-1 win ratio.

But square 00 is a trap, at the same time an opportunity. If you ever made outside bets and the ball lands in the 0 or 00 slots, you lose half of your winnings. On the other hand, if you bet directly on these two numbers, you pocket the bet. The same is true for online American roulette.

Our Final Opinion – Should You Play American Roulette?

American roulette is just as interesting as other roulette variants. It is undoubtedly popularized today because it promises games full of twists and turns. Far from being the most generous variant in terms of winnings, American roulette promises a success rate of more than 35% with a high house edge. However, it is easier to find an American roulette casino online and experience free roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What is the difference between European Roulette and American Roulette?

European roulette has 37 numbered pockets including a “zero” pocket. His house edge is low at 2.70%, but with high odds of winning. On the other hand, the American variant has 38 numbered boxes including 1 “zero” box and 1 “double zero” box. His house edge is high at 5.26%. Its chances of success are lower.

#2 Is it possible to win big at American Roulette?

Yes, everything will depend on your starting bet. Depending on the limits set by the dealer, you can make big bets and win big money if you win the game.

#3 Can we bet on several numbers?

Yes, you can bet on as many numbers as you want. you can also bet on columns or dozens.

Online Casino Scams

Online Casino Scam online gambling

Most online casinos do not commit fraud, are safe and provide fair gaming entertainment. However, there are also black sheep who are not concerned with running a casino but simply with fraud and scams. The good news is that there are a few relatively simple methods to identify these providers. We explain how online casino consumers recognize fraud and scams and how to target a reputable provider.

Frauds and scams in the online casino: these scams exist

Criminals only want one thing: their victims’ money. There are several methods that are used to steal money from honest consumers. Fake casinos are as much a part of it as fake games. Both variants are among the particularly serious (and clearly criminal) cases of fraud and scams in online casinos. Additionally, there are some gray area practices.

Fake casino: nothing comes after the deposit

A fake casino is probably the most brazen scam with which consumers of online casinos are asked to pay for money through frauds and scams. And here’s how it works: Alleged casino operators create a website that looks like an online casino website. Bonuses, many games, etc.

If a player can be convinced by the fake casino to make a deposit, the money is lost. After the deposit comes simply: Nothing. It is not possible to log in to a game account or play games – because there is no game account or games. The money is usually irrevocably lost. Nevertheless, in such a case, players should report them immediately.

Rigged games: Here, every bet is lost

Anyone who suspects fraud and scams in an online casino is often afraid of manipulated games. This fear applies to fraudulent suppliers. They try a little more than their “colleagues” with fake casinos. In supposed casinos with rigged games, there are actually slot machines, tables, etc. – usually all software-based with no live dealer component. However, the games are not designed fairly. Players bet after bet and always lose. The reason for this is the algorithms that do not allow for profit.

At most, after a long series of losses, a small profit is sometimes granted to satisfy the customer. There is nothing to win in these so-called casinos. Players can expect to lose their entire bet.

Half legal scam with high fees

Fraud and scams in online casinos are not always limited to manipulated games and fake casinos. Sometimes scams also move into a semi-legal gray area.

Extremely high fees for deposits, account management or other “services” are possible. Then, for example, a minimum fee of 50 EUR is required for opening an account and deducted from the first deposit. Often, references to these fees can even be found officially in the general terms and conditions. Scams expect the majority of customers not to read them and then refer to the contract.

From a legal point of view, very high fees for services that must actually be included by the casino are probably not tenable. But being right does not mean being right! In practice, it is very difficult for players to take action against such scams and recover lost money.

Red Flags for Fraud and Scam in Online Casino

How to distinguish a fraudulent project from a real online casino? What red flags should players watch out for? The good news: there are clear criteria that can be used to distinguish serious suppliers from black sheep.

Unlicensed Casinos

Every online casino needs a license. No player should make a deposit at an unlicensed casino. This is a crucial point: where there is no approval, no supervisory authority controls.

If an online casino wishes to receive a license, it must go through a complex approval process. The license is issued after the approval process. However, it is not a carte blanche either. Regulatory authorities constantly monitor licensed online casinos.

The authorities control various important aspects of the players. On the one hand, this includes the integrity of the games. Here, the authorities cooperate with certified test institutes. These monitor the random number generators and thus check whether the specified odds actually exist. The authorities also monitor the financial soundness of service providers. These must be able to pay out even large winnings at all times.

The supervisory authority that issued a license plays a secondary role. German authorities and authorities in other countries prevent fraud and scams in online casinos with near certainty probability.

In addition to German licenses, there are also numerous approvals from other EU member states such as Malta. Countries with close ties to the EU such as Great Britain, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), or Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory) issue reputable licenses and reliably verify online casinos.

Important: check the license

License information is usually found quite far down the homepage, sometimes also at the beginning of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). However, players should not rely on information from any website. There’s a surefire way to do this: take a look at regulator databases.

For example, a register of all licensed casinos can be viewed on the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) website. Players can search by company name or license number here. This helps verify whether the license listed on a website actually exists. Even more: the authorities provide information about the URLs (website addresses) that are assigned to a license. This way, players can be sure that a license actually exists and that payment is made to the vendor belonging to the license.

Few means of payment

Another red flag for fraud and scams in online casinos are the noticeably few payment methods. In the worst case, players can only deposit via wire transfer. If the account is still in the name of a private person or an unknown company abroad, extreme caution is necessary. The same applies if only a PayPal or Skrill address is given to which players are supposed to send money and which does not correspond to the casino.

Reputable online casinos cooperate with many payment service providers. These include, for example, payment initiation services such as Sofort or Trustly, electronic wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard, and other services.

Payment service providers are themselves subject to strict regulation – and quickly face claims for damages when they cooperate with illegal partners. Therefore, it is usually not possible to pay from questionable suppliers with credit cards, payment initiation services, etc.

Important: As for the license, it is important to check the available payment methods. Those who are not afraid of fraud and scams in online casinos are also not afraid of the illegal use of logos. This is why dodgy providers often have the logos of card companies, e-wallet operators, etc.

It is suggested to inexperienced players that these payment options actually exist. However, if you then try to make a deposit, you will receive an error message and be redirected to a bank transfer deposit.

No customer service

Fraud and scams in online casinos can be traced to actors who generally do not want to come into direct contact with their victims. This is why there is usually no customer service (actually available) with dubious suppliers. Anyone who wants to consult an online casino can therefore contact them by e-mail, live chat, or telephone.

Of course, a closer look is also needed here. A criminal operator may provide a phone number, but it belongs to a completely different company. Whoever enters the phone number into a search engine or dials it is usually smarter.

Surprisingly unknown games

Sufficient criminal energy makes people inventive. Sometimes frauds and scams take place in online casinos in a non-punishable way. This is the case, for example, when scammers set up a business on a remote island. In the respective state, a license may not even be required to operate a casino on the global internet. So there is no criminal liability here.

However, no serious game provider will make its titles available to a casino built in this way. And even if: Such operators are not interested in serious games. That is why the offer of such supposed casinos sometimes includes a number of unknown games without information about the manufacturer.

These were rushed by someone and developed in low quality and are only used to withdraw bets. Since these are completely uncontrolled games, there is no realistic chance of winning. Players should therefore be very skeptical of casinos with obviously unknown games.

Abnormally high bonus

Of course, every player is happy with the highest possible new customer bonus. It can be 200% on the first deposit – not just for bargain hunters. But too high a bonus should make you skeptical. After all, the casino needs to recoup investments in new customers through regular gross gaming revenue.

Anyone who offers a 3000% bonus without notable conditions can only roll it over in two ways. First: there is no casino at all and the deposit goes directly to the dark channels. Second: there is a casino, but no chance of winning – every bonus, regardless of amount, goes to the dodgy operator.

The result is the same in both variants: the entire deposit is lost with no chance of winning. A noticeably high bonus is therefore another red flag when it comes to fraud and scams in online casinos.

Technical faults

Reputable casinos have sophisticated technology in the front and behind the user interface. A noticeable number of technical faults are a red flags. Has the advertised app already been removed from the App Store or Google Play? The page does not load or is very slow? Are there any noticeable aborts and programming errors, such as a malfunctioning search function? All this indicates that behind the supposed online casino there is no serious operator but only a scam.

Conclusion: This is how players avoid fraud and scams in online casinos

In a nutshell: while most online casinos operate fairly and seriously by working for regulatory authorities and testing institutes, there are individual black sheep. However, these are quite easy to spot.

If you want to avoid fraud and scams in online casinos, you should pay attention to a valid and verifiable license as well as as many payment methods as possible, real customer service, and a good range of games with many well-known manufacturers. If these requirements are not met, this is as much a red flag as a new customer bonus and noticeably high technical faults.


Free Online Blackjack No Download

Free Online Blackjack No Download

All over the world blackjack is an extremely popular game. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, we all have more or less a vague idea of ​​the ins and outs of this game. However, the most seasoned players know it, playing blackjack is not as simple as it seems. appears.

So how do you play blackjack online? How to finally win at blackjack? Where to find the best free online blackjack games? If you are asking yourself all these questions, you have found the right article. We explain everything from A to Z!

Our experts even reveal the strategy to follow to ensure you win! What more?

How to play free blackjack online?

Before you can start playing blackjack online for free, you need to know how to play, and therefore know the rules of blackjack! The fact that Blackjack is a game of chance does not prevent it from having strict rules. If you are already lost, don’t worry, we explain very simply how to start free blackjack.

Learn Blackjack: Rules

The goal of blackjack is to obtain a combination of cards as close as possible to 21. Without exceeding this number and having a score higher than that of the “bank”.

The cards are dealt by the croupier and all have their own value. Knowing the value of blackjack cards is important for playing at the casino:

Map Card value
ace The value of this card is left to the discretion of the player. Thus, it can be worth 1 or 11 points.
Heads (Kings, Queens, Jacks)  These cards are all worth 10 points.
Numbers (from 2 to 10) Each of them is worth the number displayed on the card. In fact, the 2 diamonds are worth 2 points.

As we have specified, the goal is therefore to get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. Because in the case of overrun, the player loses his bet which is recovered by the bank.

In addition, when you play blackjack, once you have your first cards in your hand, you will have the possibility of playing by performing 5 different actions:

Stock Description
Hit – Draw a card You can request as many additional cards as you wish. However, if the total exceeds 21 you lose your bet.
Stand – Stay You “pass” in a way, you keep your game as it is.
Double – Double In this case, your initial bet is multiplied by two and you also receive an additional card which will be kept on the carpet face down.
Split – Share This action is only possible if you have a pair in your hand. In this case, you can separate the cards, and assign the two separate games a similar bet.
Surrender – Abandon You simply discard your cards and get half of your original bet back – this option is only available in the US version.

How to Play a Free Online Blackjack Game

It can be interesting to know how the game of blackjack will go before playing it. Indeed, preparation is always the key whatever the game! Here is what you can expect in a game of blackjack:

Step 1 Start by finding your table, whether you’re in a land-based casino or even a live gaming lobby. Even if it means having a good time, you might as well do it in good company, right?
2nd step You will then need to start by placing a bet on the table
Step 3 It is then up to the dealer to distribute the cards to the players. He deals them their first two cards, face up. 
Step 4 Once all the players have been served, the dealer deals a single card, also uncovered.
Step 5 It is time to set up the basic blackjack strategy in order to know what action you are going to take. As a reminder, you have the choice between 5 options:

  • Shoot
  • Stay
  • Double
  • To share
  • To abandon
Step 6 When each player’s turn has passed. The dealer ends up using a card again. The outcome of the game follows:

  • If the bank is closest to 21, it wins the bets of all players who have not jumped during their turn.
  • If a player is closer to 21 than the bank, then he wins.
  • If the bank goes over 21 this is called a “bank bust” and all players around the table are considered winners.

European / American blackjack: what are the differences?

Like the game of roulette, blackjack has two different versions. The European version was played in Europe. And the American version of blackjack is played in the United States and therefore in particular in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

If the two blackjack games have the same goal, to beat the dealer, they also have some differences that are worth remembering:

European Blackjack American Blackjack
Distribution of cards The dealer deals 2 cards to each player and 1 to himself. The dealer deals 2 cards to each player and to himself. One of his cards remains face down
game rounds The dealer uses his second card last. This leaves the advantage to players who can make a blackjack before him. The croupier can check if he has a blackjack before giving the floor to the players. If he has a blackjack he wins the game except in case of a tie.
Abandonment Once he has bet, the player has an obligation to end the game and cannot give up. The player can surrender before or after the dealer has checked his second card and recovered half of his original bet.
“Double down” This scenario is only possible if your hand totals a number between 9 and 11. This option is possible regardless of the total of your hand in American blackjack.
The bank stops drawing Some casinos require their dealers to draw an extra if their hand totals 17 points. The dealer must “stand” and stop hitting if his hand totals 17 points.
Dealer Blackjack Payout If he makes a blackjack, the croupier wins all the bets of the players without exception. In the American version, if he makes blackjack the croupier wins only the initial bets of the players.

Free online blackjack basic strategy

What is the basic blackjack strategy?

As we have already said, winning at blackjack games is far from simply due to chance. Thus, some mathematicians and blackjack enthusiasts have developed a basic strategy. The principle is simple, it defines the action to be performed according to your hand and the dealer’s hand.

Reading the table is quite simple. The first line indicates the dealer’s hand. The first column indicates your hand. If we rely on this basic strategy, you will therefore need for example:

  • “Stand” if you have cards in your hand that add up to a total between 18 and 21, regardless of the dealer’s hand.
  • “Hit” if your cards total a number between 5 and 7. Unless the dealer has an Ace in his hand, in which case you will be advised to surrender.
    So you have understood the principle of basic blackjack strategy. So you can start playing free games at the casino of your choice.

    Learn Basic Strategy: Play Free Blackjack Games No Download
    This strategy, unlike counting blackjack cards, is allowed in online or land-based casinos. Note that it works better in “European blackjack” games and less well in “American blackjack” games.

    It is true that when you play a card game, especially in a casino, you appreciate its fluidity. Thus, consulting the strategy table before each action tends to irritate blackjack players at the table.

    And if you are a regular at the casino, this may frustrate you too! That’s why we advise you to start by playing a free online blackjack game to start!

    Here is a differential, grouping of the advantages and disadvantages of playing blackjack for free or playing it for real money :

Free Blackjack Real Money Blackjack
✓ On free games you can learn blackjack by taking your time ✓ If you love the casino vibe, playing for real money at an online casino will let you relive that
✓ Free blackjack games allow you to be able to set up strategies ✓ You can really win at blackjack thanks to the strategies you learn
✓ On a free blackjack game you don’t have to spend money to have fun ✓ The winnings you win in blackjack are in real money which is more interesting
✓ On a free blackjack game, you do not risk losing your real money bets ✗ The losses you suffer are unfortunately also in real money
✓ You can take bigger risks on a blackjack-free game without worrying about losses ✗ Since you are using your own money you will be able to take less risk when betting on the casino
✗ You cannot win real money bets on blackjack free games ✓ You can register at an online casino offering access to the best online blackjack game software

Free online blackjack games

If you’ve done some research, you know there’s no shortage of free online blackjack games. Like the rest of casino games, such as slot machines, roulette, or video poker, they are popping up all over the internet.

To ensure you have fun without having to look any further, we offer a selection of games and websites to play blackjack for free.

Best Free No Download Blackjack Games

Do you want to play blackjack online? Here are the best free games of the moment:

Ranking game name Game developer
1 Multihand Blackjack  Pragmatic Play
2 blackjack Wazdan
3 Ruby Classic Blackjack Microgaming

The fact that you can switch to paid mode after testing this or that application is a real advantage. Indeed, it increases your chances since you already master the free version of the game of blackjack.

Moreover, these free games are developed by extremely popular developers. It is therefore certain that you will be able to play it at your favorite casino. You don’t have a casino where you can play blackjack? Read on…

Where to play free blackjack online? The best online casinos

As a general rule, if you don’t know where to play online casino games, all you need to do is register at an online casino. Indeed, this type of establishment offers all the games found in a land-based casino. And even more, because video slots are much more efficient

So, to play blackjack online choosing a casino is a really good idea! Here are our favorite casinos:

Each casino of this top has the advantage of offering a free mode or demo mode. That is to say that the casino offers to offer free access to the games on its website and to test the casino for free. This access is also unconditional. No need to pay or download! Of course, you can also take advantage of no-deposit bonus casinos.

Playing at an online blackjack casino has several advantages:

  • Free access to the best free online blackjack games
  • Secure platform (no virus risk)
  • Diverse game offer in one place
  • No need to switch sites if you want to play for real money afterward
  • You can then register and benefit from a generous welcome bonus

Once registered, you can play with a live dealer in the live casino