How to Win at Online Roulette

The online roulette game is one of the most popular in all casinos. Invented in the 17th century by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal, and later modified by François Blanc, a casino manager who found the game too hard, this game of chance and strategy attracted punters from day one and continues to arouse their enthusiasm even today.

We, therefore, find, without surprise, roulette in all the casinos of the world, alongside blackjack, poker, and slot machines. But then, how to win online roulette?

In this article, we offer you a complete strategy guide so that you have all the keys to winning online roulette!

Online Roulette Rules

Before we can tell you everything about how to win online roulette, let’s first recap its rules.

There are two variations of roulette: English roulette (which was invented in France) and American roulette. The only difference between these two wheels is that American roulette has one more slot.

In fact, the chances of winning are obviously higher in English roulette, so it would be wise to play only this one. You will find very good versions of English online roulette at the best online casinos.

The English online roulette table is divided into 3 columns, each containing twelve numbers. There are therefore 36 boxes numbered from 1 to 36, and a 37th box, which is the zero: we find this one above the three columns.

Online Roulette Table
Online Roulette Table

To play roulette online, all you have to do is bet chips on one of the squares on the carpet. We offer below a sample of the possible ways to bet on roulette:

Single bets – 50% chance of winning the bet:

  • A color: either black or red. The odds of winning this type of bet are 50%.
  • Even or odd numbers – as with colors, the chances of winning are then 50%
  • The lack (1 to 18) or pass (19 to 36)

Specific bets – riskier:

  • A single number: it is the riskiest bet, but it is also the most profitable in the event of a win.
  • A sequence of numbers: you can bet on three, four, or six numbers at a time.
  • A dozen digits: first dozen, second dozen, or third dozen.

Once all the bets have been placed, the croupier spins the ball: the box in which it lands determines the winning number.

If your bet is correct (if you bet on the red numbers, for example, and the winning box is red), you will collect the money you bet, as well as the dividend result X times your bet stake. If you lose, the dealer collects your chips.

It all sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But to win big at the casino, it is not enough to rely on your lucky star. Let’s now discover the techniques to increase your chances of success at online roulette.

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The best techniques to win at roulette

First of all, the editorial staff would like to point out that these techniques are in no way a means of cheating. Strategy is allowed in casinos, and even encouraged: without it, the games would quickly become boring. Here are the tips that will help you become an expert in online roulette.

observation Before you place your bets, take the time to observe the roulette table at which you plan to play.

Some roulette wheels tend to be calibrated so that certain numbers, or certain colors, win more often than others.

Although this is not really a strategy, it is an important tip to keep in mind to win at roulette.

The Classic Martingale This is the most popular and easy strategy. It only concerns simple odds (bets that the player has a 50% chance of winning, such as red or black, odd or even, or pass or miss).

To apply this strategy, all you have to do is double your bet after each loss. If you bet 5 euros on red and you lose, you will have to bet 10 euros on red in the next round, and so on until you win a bet.

This technique will allow you to win back all your money, as well as your initial bet.

The big martingale This is a slight variation of the classic martingale. Indeed, to apply the great martingale, you have to bet on the opposite of the winning bet, then double your bet until you win a bet.
The Martingale d’Alembert The latter consists of adding one unit to your bet each time you lose. Suppose you have bet two euros on a box: if you lose your bet, in the next round you will have to bet three euros, and if you lose again, in the next round, four euros.

This method is simple and less risky than strategies that call for a double bet.

The Sawtooth Martingale This is a somewhat risky martingale, but the potential gains are very interesting. This method consists of betting ten units on a simple chance: in the event of victory, you must add one unit to your initial bet.

In case of failure, however, you will have to bet ten more units again. After two successive failures, you will have to lower the bet to a single unit, and this is until your next victory.

The Fibonacci Strategy It is a mathematical strategy, appreciated by the most experienced players. However, this technique is rather simple to apply: you just need to know how the Fibonacci sequence works to start winning money at online roulette.

The principle of this strategy says that, as long as you lose, each of your bets must be equal to the sum of the two previous ones. So if you bet $10 initially, the sequence will be as follows: 10, 10, 20, 30, 50, and so on. As soon as you win, however, you have to go back to two bets.

Let’s say you won chips only on the fifth bet, then you will have to bet again as on the third time. The subtlety of this method is knowing how to stop on a gain at the right time!

Like any strategy, Fibonacci is risky and does not guarantee zero losses. However, it is less risky than others.
This method only applies to bets where the odds of winning are 50% (even or odd and red or black). 

It is important to keep in mind that, if these strategies serve to increase your chances of winning, they are not infallible. online roulette remains above all a game of chance, and it should be played in moderation! And to win at online roulette, one watchword: practice.

Technique to win at online roulette: practice!

Think about the amount you want to bet and analyze the strategies of other players. Favor European roulette, or American roulette with an additional box, reducing your chances of winning.

5 tricks to succeed in the online roulette game!

Knowing how these various strategies work is a great start, but it’s not everything. There are a number of factors to consider to optimize your chances of winning online roulette.

online roulette is above all a game of chance, but you can limit the luck factor and make sure you bet with more serenity by applying a few simple rules. Here we describe five tips that will allow you to stay in control when playing online roulette.

#1 – Consider outside bets

If you are more of a reasonable roulette player and want to prolong the pleasure of your gaming session, outside bets are for you.

They have the quality of limiting the risk of loss and guaranteeing you better control of your budget. The odds of winning are quite high here, but the winnings themselves are less. There are three types of so-called outside bets:

  • simple odds: It is advisable to bet either on a color (black or red), on the lack (from 1 to 18) on the pass (from 19 to 36), or on an even or odd number.
  • the dozens: Here, the idea is to bet on a sequence of 12 numbers, namely the first 12 (1-12), the middle 12 (13-24), or the last 12 (25-36).

If you win, your bet is doubled. out of two dozen at a time is called a riding dozen. This type of bet covers 24 numbers and allows you to win 1.5 times your initial bet.

the columns: These bets consist of betting on a complete column of twelve numbers on the grid. If you win, the bet is doubled. Like classic dozens, you can bet on two straddling columns (24 numbers) for a bet multiplied by 1.5 in the event of a win.

#2 – Keep a steel mind when betting to win at roulette

Technically, in terms of mathematical probability, no number is supposed to win more often than the others. However, it should be remembered that each movement of the wheel is independent and that it is quite possible that the ball falls several times in a row on the same color or the same column for example.

  • Avoid all forms of superstitions, charms, and other beliefs in your practice of online roulette.
  • It is perfectly impossible to predict the arrival of the numbers and the myths and other voodoo magics are in fact blessed bread for the casinos which fill their pockets thanks to their most naive customers.
  • Acquiring a steel mind and betting everything on rationality will often allow you to come out richer from your online roulette sessions.

The mind is indeed an essential aspect of online roulette. In particular, it is a question of making sure not to lose morale: if you bet too large sums on your first attempts, you run the risk of reducing your budget very quickly and finding yourself discouraged from the start, which will jeopardize your following sessions.

A depressed mind is weak and at the mercy of the silliest mistakes. To avoid losing money on easily avoidable errors, it is extremely important to always keep in mind the possibility of failure and to always take it into consideration. Never bet if you see that the possible failure on this bet could undermine your morale. Bet only if you are ready to lose a bet without batting an eyelid.

It’s a simple trick, but it has been proven and can save your savings! Remember, once again, it is best to play at a serious and reliable online casino!

#3 – Consider the House Edge on online roulette Variations

Do you think you can beat online roulette by applying a particular strategy, such as Martingales? However, this is insufficient. The only winner, in the long term, is always the casino, which has the advantage of zero (and double zero on American roulette).

Nevertheless, it is possible to amass regular gains by applying certain methods. It is better to know how to apply more than one and not always get stuck on a particular system. Flexibility is your friend in roulette.

Focus on games and casinos where the house edge is lowest.

The house advantage is the casino’s winning rate on a game compared to the players’ winning rate. In online roulette, the house edge is always of critical importance because it is a constant. For European Roulette, it is usually 2.70% while it is usually 5.20% for American Roulette.

As you will have understood, the safest approach is to turn to the European variant, which is the most lucrative for players. Avoid the American variant as much as possible and concentrate instead on French, English, or European roulette. On these three variants, almost identical, the rule of imprisonment sometimes applies.

During the bet in jail, in the event of a zero exit, the player’s bet is placed aside (in “jail”). The next cost then decides the fate of the bet: if the ball falls on the color which had been bet in the first round by the player, the latter recovers his bet, without gain. The prison bet gives an additional advantage to the casino, it is therefore to be avoided, preferring the sharing of the bet.

Prefer online roulette games or casinos that share the bet in the event of a zero exit (you and the casino then split your bet 50/50)

#4 – Consider capital subdivision when crafting your schemes

One technique, in particular, stood out when the game of online roulette was starting to become all the rage in Los Angeles. It was Andrez Martinez who developed it. Although this strategy does not guarantee a sure win, it does seem to hold up a bit better than traditional Martingales. Let’s see how it works, step by step:

  • Divide your bankroll (budget) into 35 subdivisions.
  • Each of the plots then forms a unit of bet which will be used to bet on a specific number (because online roulette has 35 boxes).
  • If the player wins the bet in the tenth round, he recovers his entire original bankroll plus the remaining 25 sub-divisions.

It is a safe process in that it allows you never to lose too much money and to keep a perfectly balanced budget.

#5 – How to win at online roulette by analyzing the different Martingales

We have seen several types of Martingales. They generally consist of doubling the amount of the bet following a loss. Using a Martingale often allows players to end up recovering all of their lost bets at one point or another, as soon as they win a bet. Let’s see an example of what a Martingale might look like:

Player X bets one euro on red and loses his first bet.
He, therefore, applies a Martingale and bets €2 on red the second time.
Our player also loses this time and therefore decides to bet 4€, also lost, then he also loses 8€
Finally, he wins by betting €16.
At this point, Player X has invested €31 in total and has just won 16×2 = €32. He, therefore, covered his losses and won €1.

On paper, it’s a good strategy, but it has flaws:

In the example we gave you, Martingale seems to be an excellent strategy. However, it is not flawless: indeed, it only works insofar as your bankroll is unlimited. Let’s say that Player X continues to lose from the €16 bet, his losses can then accumulate until the initial budget (bankroll) is completely exhausted.

  • Let’s take a case where Player X has a bankroll not to exceed €500. If he begins by betting €1 and continuously loses while applying the Martingale, he can only bet 9 times before having completely exhausted his Bankroll.
  • From the tenth bet, Player X will exceed his limit. He will have spent €511, and if all ten bets fail, he will have lost even more by the house advantage

Win at online roulette by choosing the right bets

On the color The Martingale is probably your best ally, but know how to stop in time so as not to end up plucked!
on parity Once again, take out your best Martingale and watch out for budget overruns.
In full Go for Andrez Martinez’s subdivision strategy for maximum chances of winning.
pass or miss Martingale or Fibonacci, just be careful not to exceed your budget!
On horseback You bet on two adjacent numbers on the grid. as for the bet in full, the strategy of the sub-division (by 17 instead of 35) allows here to maximize the chances of winning.
The square This type of bet pays 8 to 1. To maximize your chances, make sure you can bet 8 times in a row without exceeding your budget!
Full transverse Also called a street bet: you bet on three numbers diagonally, which form a “street”. If you win, it’s 11 to 1!
transverse sixain Or double cross, the winnings are 5 to 1 but you have twice the chance of winning than with a classic cross.
Dozen A one in three chance of winning twice your bet, take it easy, all the same, you quickly get carried away by the lure of winning.
two dozen Here, it’s two out of three chances of winning 150% of your initial bet, an ideal bet for novices and the cautious.
Column The gain is 2 for 1 with a 33% chance of winning, remember to alternate the columns from time to time!
two columns Here it’s a one in three chance of making 1.5 to 1, it’s one of the least risky bets.

It is necessary to bet on colors, an odd number, or an even number. Thus, you will reduce the trump of the house on your possible winnings. The house percentage can reduce up to 1.35%.

How to win at online roulette – the different types

European Roulette It is the most common in casinos, and also the one that offers the best chances of winning! Martingale or Fibonacci, your strategies will make the difference between wealth and bankruptcy!
French version This variant is a derivative of European Roulette. The difference is that French Roulette offers special bets that are placed in a separate location on the table. Make the best use of them to make a difference.
American version The rules are identical to those of European Roulette. The difference is the presence of the double zero, which increases the house advantage. This online roulette is to be avoided if you can.
Mexican Roulette Even worse than American roulette, it has a double zero box and a triple zero box, drastically reducing the player’s chances. Avoid it like the plague!
Live Roulette When playing live roulette, you have a limited time to place your bet. Be careful not to bet everything by giving in to the pressure of the timer.
mini roulette Only twelve possible squares to bet on instead of 36, you have twice the chance of hitting zero. We recommend avoiding playing Mini-Roulette with real money.
Key bet 37 boxes instead of the 36 of the European, you can place a separate bet on this 37th box, which increases your chances of success!
Penny This type of online roulette allows you to place bets starting at 1 cent! It is ideal for learning to play roulette while having fun before moving on to more lucrative roulettes.




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