Is Poker Better in a Casino?

Online poker is a favourite pastime of many of our readers. You love the ability to log on and play in moments. The convenience and availability of games are unprecedented. You can play at 1 am or 1 pm and you know there’s games available but have you considered playing in a casino? There have been hundreds of stories of online players who transition to casinos and generate better results. That’s why in this post we’re going to share a couple of reasons why poker in a live casino might be better than online.

Is Poker Better in a Casino

Seeing your opponent

A big part of poker is reading your opponents. You can do this with tells at an online casino Malaysia but you can’t physically see their face. In a real casino though you can see everything. Ok, some people try to hide eye movements with glasses and put their hood up but not all. Being able to see your opponent close up can be a huge advantage for a strong poker player.

Softer competition

It’s widely accepted that casino cardrooms are notoriously fishy. If you avoid the few regulars who grind, there are plenty of weak players around. Live play is notoriously soft competition. I suspect this is due to the fact it’s slower-paced thus people get impatient. This means you can pick up lots of money with a solid and aggressive strategy.

More fun

Finally, playing “real” poker is more pleasurable than online. Playing on a computer is more monotonous and less enjoyable in my opinion. Poker is a people game and you lack the social aspect when facing opponents online. Playing in a casino has a better ambiance and atmosphere when playing poker.

Do You Have a Texas Holdem Cheat Sheet

Holdem Cheat Sheet

Anyone who is brand new to poker will need to access tools and resources to help them develop. Unlike other casino games where you need a cursory understanding to play, Texas Hold’em is more complex. There are multiple aspects to playing even a basic ABC game. This is where a cheat sheet can help you.

A cheat sheet is a visual guide to help the reader grasp concepts quickly and easily. Fortunately for beginners, there you can easily get a free downloadable Texas Holdem cheat sheet from reputable poker strategy websites. In this article, we’re going to share a few things you can expect to find in a good cheat sheet.

Hand Rankings

The hand rankings break down the strength of poker hands. This ranges from no pair (high card) to royal flush. Don’t worry too much about the best hands as they are very rare. Most professionals can count on one hand the number of times they make a straight or royal flush.

Basic Odds

Texas Hold’em is a numbers game at its core. A poker player needs to have at least a basic appreciation of the math involved in order to make good decisions. This will usually be hand matchups e.g., ace-king vs pocket twos, or computing the percentage of hitting a flush by the river.

Positional Tips
All experts know that position is power in poker. Acting after your opponents is an advantage that will always be shared with readers. Any cheat sheet you read must hit on this key concept otherwise they don’t know what they’re doing.

Hand Selection
With so many hand combinations to choose from a newbie needs to filter the trash from the worthy hands. All the best cheat sheets will give tips on the types of hands to play and more importantly, what hands not to play too. Most beginners fall victim to overplaying any hand with an ace in it.

There is a distinction between what hands to enter the pot with and what hands to play when facing a raise. Most poker cheat sheets will highlight this as it generally takes a stronger hand to call a raise than to make a raise yourself. 


For new players entering the poker community, gaining practical knowledge quickly is vital. That’s why a cheat sheet will give you some quick wins. If you download one from a poker training site that has information on the topics in this post you can expect to have a fair crack of it. Just make sure you gamble responsibly by playing low stakes and with money you can afford to lose.